Daily Routine Anyone?


I'm not too good at daily routines. There I said it. I do have daily routines but sometimes, as soon as I "try" to add something to my daily process, I resist. I don't like something or someone "telling me what to do!"

But... in the case of the daily challenges that are the rage on the internet right now, I can see the improvement in my artist friends work, and that's enticing to me. I'm always wanting to improve my skills and techniques and I know the way to do that is "do the work" and set a routine. I love doing the work.

My focus for 2018 is:

  • hone my complex piecing skills

  • study and improve my compositions

  • finish a bunch (very technical term) of work

I have a plan that I'm working through and I have an accountability partner, and we encourage and critique each other. I love it when a plan comes together!

If you look at my stacks of WIP (work in progress) you'd see I have plenty of work to do, so I don't really need another THING to distract me. BUT something has distracted me.... Stitch Meditation. Liz Kettle of Textile Evolution started posting; photos of beautiful little hand stitched compositions. I'm now on my fifth day, it's not much but it's a start and I really enjoy the process. I can be sitting in the living room with my husband, and be working on these little 4" sq. studies. I'm following some very simple guidelines, but the big thing is to relax and enjoy the process, and don't take it too seriously. No perfection here, I strive for excellent relaxation. I'd love to have you join along if interested, use some of those beautiful scraps I know you have stashed away.

Focus: I'm in the studio daily "doing the work" to finish 50 pieces, 24" square studies in black and white. I'm studying complex piecing and working to improve my composition skills. I'll be posting some of those here and keep you updated on the numbers. As you can see from the photos, some of my piecing is better than others!


What are some of your daily routines?

What are you working on?

Remember to think like an artist.

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