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a little bit about me 

“My unexpected outcomes arrive from my improvisational style that allows me to respond immediately to what is happening right at the moment that I’m working."

Since 2012, I'm best known for my textural and colorful fine art quilts for the wall.  Some are created from solid color comercial cotton, and others are fabrics that started out white, and I've hand dyed and printed. By working in an abstract improv style, I'm able to build each piece with skills a structural engineer might employ.   Influenced by the great traditional quilters of the past, with one big difference;

I work without patterns. 

No matter what medium I'm working in my result usually reflects my energetic enthusiasm, and passion for abundant beauty.  As I build a piece or design a pattern for fabric, I'm also building the stories associated with the shapes and lines that come together to create the composition.  I work until I'm happy with the overall visual and it feels dynamic and engaging.   No two pieces are ever alike.


Prior to 2012, I was a jeweler for 25 years, as the owner-operator of a successful retail and wholesale business based out of Bayfield Wisconsin.  At our peak, we had 3 full-time employees and sold to Macy's, and several great galleries across the country.  Our own retail storefront offered customers the opportunity to actually see jewelry being made every day.      


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