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Oven Mitt Pattern


The feedback from my appearance on Quilting Arts TV has been so rewarding.  Many of you have asked for the OVEN MITT PATTERN.    
If you're interested in the pattern and instructions click on the PDF    

What Makes Good Design? 


Whether you realize it or not, you have probably already been using the Elements and Principles of Design in your art and your life already.  You get dressed every day, and you make choices about what you will put together.  Your home is appointed with items you are drawn to, and you follow your instincts. That's a good thing!! 


Different authors have divided these elements in various ways, this is the method I use.


When I was beginning to understand some of this, I studied a different element each month, I made samples for myself and I learned so much!   I'm not suggesting any of us need to make this our life study, but knowing and applying these in our work will help our work stand out from the ordinary. 

I hope the free download is helpful to you.  

Meditative Stitching is fun and easy when you relax, breathe, and enjoy the process.  Here is some information to get you going. 


What is Meditative Stitching 

It’s the deliberately uncomplicated hand-stitching of small interesting fabrics, paper, or other mixed media together in a thoughtful way stitched together to make a pleasing composition.



The process, still, your mind, to be absorbed in the lusciousness of the moment and the materials. Make it yours There are a million ways to do make these small compositions, this is just the way I do it.

Sometimes I use them to further my understanding of art and the tools available to me and sometimes, I just relax and sew with NO idea of the outcome. I don’t ripe out anything, and I try not to be too judgmental of my results. It’s good to let your mind wander, dream, and reminisce. -



Cut approximately 4” medium weight flannel  

Determine your format, choose your own, or refer to below for ideas. Or just wing it! Select fabrics, pressing optional, sew.  

I like to indicate on the back the month, and year made. Also, identify the bottom.

Enjoy the process.

Format Ideas 

Format Ideas
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