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Meditative Stitching​ 

3 Hours to One Day Class
What is Meditative Stitching?
It’s the deliberate hand stitching of lovely small pieces of fabrics joined together to make a pleasing composition. Why? To still your mind, to be absorbed in the lusciousness of the moment and the materials. We’ll use silk, linen, wool, hand-dyed cotton, ribbon, yarn, lace, or beads. Each small 4” composition tells a story and takes you on a journey. We’ll address design principles and sources as well as color theories related to the project. 

Stess-Free Improv Piecing 


Two or Three Day Class

If you love good design and want to be more adventurous in your quilts, here is your chance to explore piecing improvisationally! We’ll talk about design, principles, and color choices related to the project. Improv piecing is a fun and playful technique that you will want to employ in any future sewing projects. You will learn to select the best fabrics, format, and how it all fits together for the success of your piece.   By cutting and sewing together, we’ll take the mystery out of improv while you apply your own unique ideas every step of the way. Individual attention will be emphasized, and you’ll learn many creative solutions to possible obstacles in the comfortable safety of a supportive experienced instructor. I know we’ll have a GREAT time!!  


Surface Design


Two or Three Day Class

Learn lots of new techniques for adding colors and textures to your life!  We will use PFD (Prepared For Dyeing) cotton.  You could bring your own PFD silk, cotton, or linen. I will also have limited yardage of each available for purchase at class.  A materials fee will include one yard of PFD cotton fabric.  You will have access to my Procion Mx dyes, screens for printing, items for texturing, templates, soy wax for resist, along with the use of my steamer and many other cool tools.  I can't wait to show you what is possible.  






Fun Fiber Fusion 


One Day Class

In a short time you'll create this unique Fiber Fusion piece to hang anywhere in your home!  This project makes great use of all those tiny bits of threads, fibers, you’ve been saving. A perfect project for a gathering of artist friends or a family project.  The results will surprise you, as no two look alike






Collage Paper & Cloth


One or Three Day Class

We'll start by printing on both cloth and paper on a gelli plate to create YOUR very own patterns.    After cutting them into pieces and re-arranging them we'll glue and or sew them into position.  In the end, you'll have lots of good pieces you'll be able to use for greeting cards, an accordion book, or wall art. 






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